Iran ABC


Domestic transport

In the Interior is widely flown in view of the relatively large distances. Various airlines including Mahan Air, Iran Air, Iran Aseman fly on extensive number of destinations. Iran has an extensive bus network in which almost all destinations in Iran. The roads are generally good in accordance with international standard. The line connects the North with the South and the East with the West. 

Credit cards & pins

You can not in Iran pins with your bank card. There are few places where you can pay with a credit card, in case of only the Master Card accepted. We recommend that you bring enough cash. Euros you can easily swap out at banks and exchange offices.

Food and drinks

Because Iran has various climates, there is a large and diverse selection of vegetables, fruit and milk products. Each area has its own specialties. Iran is known worldwide for its excellent caviar and shrimp. In most Persian cuisine is meat, beans and fresh vegetable. A popular meal is kebab (chicken or beef). In accordance with Islamic values is alcohol prohibited. A variety of (fresh) fruit drinks, soft drinks, alcohol-free beer and champagne. There is also a lot of coffee and tea.


The official currency is the Rial, also called often called Tuman in Iran. At the bureaux de change and banks you can swap in Euros Rials. Click here for the current rate. 


There are no vaccinations required for visiting Iran. We encourage you to contact the GG & GD for recommended immunizations.

Iranian Embassies

Embassy of Iran in Netherlands:

Duinweg 20

2585 JX Den Haag

Tel + 31 (0) 70-3548483

Embassy of Iran in Belgium

Avenue de Tervuren 415

1150 Woluwe-St-Pierre

Tel + 32 (0) 2-7623745


When visiting Iran consider the Islamic standards – and values. The best clothing can be worn across the body covered. Women must wear a headscarf and spacious, covering clothing; the best you can wear a light coat.


Iran has a continental climate characterized by cold winters and hot summers. Iran is well reachable all year round.


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Travel documents & visa

You need a passport valid for 6 months after departure from Iran is still minimal. You may not use any stamps of Israel in your Passport. A visa must be requested through the Iranian Embassy in the Hague or Brussels. You can find the links to the Embassies under the Embassy information above.

Visa Upon Arrival

Dutch and Belgian citizen can obtain a tourist visa on arrival airports below for a maximum stay of up to 30 days. You need permission in advance and you will receive, after approval, a document that allows you to check-in. If you book with us you will get link through which you can request this service. Costs approximately € 75.0 per person. IKA: Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport: Tehran Mehrabad Airport THR MHD: Mashad Airport SYZ: Shiraz Airport TBZ: Tabriz Airport ISF: Isfahan Airport please note: we are not responsible for this service and the Iranian authorities may decide for any reason to reject your request. 


Iranians love sport. The most popular sports are soccer, wrestling, skiing and horse riding. Iranian wrestlers, takwaendokas and bodybuilders are among the best in the world. The ski resort of Dizin offers excellent ski facilities just steps from Tehran.


The official language is Farsi (Persian). In the large cities and hotels they speak reasonable English.


In general it is 2.5 hours later than in Iran with us. However, due to the difference in summer-and winter time it is from 22 to 26 March 3.5 hours later and from 22 September to 29 October 1.5 hours later.


Tipping is appreciated and normal for for example the luggage carrier, other service personnel and the Guide.


We strongly recommend that you a trip – and cancellation insurance, for the unlikely event something would happen.